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Vibration Plates

Activates lymphatic and circulatory systems

Vibration activates individual muscle fibers for muscle relief and assists with activating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Unlike the circulatory system with a pump to move blood flow, the lymphatic system is a stationary system without a lot of movement. Vibration activates and moves the lymph to release toxins from the body. Small vibrations also relieve aching and sore muscles and help with the alignment of the spine, hips, knees, and ankle joints. Holding the strap attachments brings vibration to the upper extremities for tension relief of the neck and shoulders. Studies show regular vibration prevents bone loss in women reducing the risk of osteoporosis. For the athlete, vibration eliminates lactic acid and loosens stiff joints and tight muscles.

How long is the session? We set the sessions at 10 minutes to provide the maximum benefit for muscle relief.

What happens in the session?  We ask that you leave socks on for sanitation purposes. Frequencies on the machines run anywhere from 30 to 50 Hz. We suggest starting around 8 or 9 Hz to see how your body responds that day. A slight bend in the knee will prevent too much vibration to the low back. Straps are also available to pull vibration to the upper body. Clients have the ability to adjust the frequency based on their levels of comfort.

Does it hurt? If you have a recent or serious injury, we do not suggest vibration. Otherwise, if vibration is new to you we always suggest a low setting to start so you can see how your body responds.

What do I do after the treatment?: If you are on a wellness circuit pass or membership, move along to the remaining services. If vibration is your final stop, head to the gym to take advantage of firing muscle fibers to build strength more quickly!


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