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Cryotherapy in Destin

What makes us different?  

  • The only safe and liquid nitrogen-free whole body cryotherapy chamber in North Florida
  • State-of-the-art refrigerated cold, dry air technology
  • Electric chambers provide uniform cooling of the entire body–head to toe
  • Uniform cooling means both physical and mental rejuvenation
  • Enjoy with your friends or family. The chamber holds up to three people at a time
  • No appointment necessary!
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More of What We Offer

Whole Body & Localized Cryotherapy
Cold Exposure Therapy - Liquid Nitrogen Free


Naked® 3D Body Composition Scanner
Track weight, BMI and 9 Key Measurements


NormaTec® Compression Therapy
Sequential Pulse Compression for leg, hip and shoulder recovery.


Pagani® Cinderella and Cryo T-Shock Facials
The Pagani® Body Contouring System is a non-invasive treatment of applying alternating heat and cryogenic temperatures directly to the skin.


Joovv® Red Light Therapy
The healing power of natural light for cellular rejuvenation


Sunlighten® Infrared Sauna
Light and Heat for a full body detoxification


Pagani® Body Countouring
A non-invasive use of alternating heat and cryogenic temperatures to eliminate fat and contour the body.


Pagani Recovery Services
Direct Heat and/or Cold Therapy for Inflammation Management


Our Reviews

  • I’ve used cryotherapy in other cities both before and after competitions.  It keeps the inflammation down and helps my performance. I’m looking forward to the local opportunity to work cryo into my weekly schedule.

    Rachael T.

  • I never sleep. I tried a nitrogen-free whole body cryotherapy chamber last summer in Tampa. The experience was euphoric. My entire body felt recharged and I slept over 10 hours that night. With regular whole body cryo, I’m hoping to ditch my sleep aids.

    Diego H.

  • Red Light Therapy is a game changer when it comes to increasing testosterone. I jump into the red light immediately after every whole body cryotherapy session. It exponentially helps with the inflammation, has made a big difference in my skin, and gives me an extra metabolism boost that keeps me energized. I always have more energy than when I arrived and I look and feel better than I have since my 20s.

    James R.

  • My husband suffers from diabetes and poor blood circulation. I’ve done enough research to know the Normatec compression boots are the best on the market. They are in virtually every professional athletic training center in the country. We will be first in line at the new CRYO850 Normatec Lounge.   Looking forward to March 2nd.

    Donna B.

CRYO850 Team

Amy Milligan

Ariel Ketchner

Saby Selph

Luke Boykin

Joel Mitchell, LMT

Stress Management Coach

Jenny Murphy, LMT

Massage Therapist
CRYO850 is a locally owned and operated performance and recovery center. We are not affiliated with any national franchise.
4495 Furling Ln Suite 10, Destin, FL 32541, USA
(850) 279-4145
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