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Less Pain. More Life.

Drug-free therapies for pain management, auto immune disease, and athletic performance and recovery.
Walk-ins welcome. Appointments recommended for new clients. 
Discounts for military, first responder and full time students under 25.

Pain Management

Athletic Performance

Health and Wellness

Body Contouring

Enjoy all six services of the CRYO850 Wellness Circuit with a Day Pass (takes @ 90 minutes)
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Cryotherapy in Destin

Reasons to visit our center...

Reduce pain and inflammation
Recover faster from injury
Prevent injury and illness
Enhance athletic performance
Prevent injury and illness
Manage auto-immune disease
Soothe a sunburn
Diminish a hangover
Increase mood and sleep quality
Detoxify and lose inches
Increase collagen to look younger

What Our Clients Say

Shannon H
September 26, 2022

My husband and I are members at CRYO850 Destin and we love it! The pricing is excellent and membership is worth it even if you aren’t interested in all of the therapies. We moved here from MD and there you couldn’t get one therapy for the cost of the circuit here. We also really appreciate that they offer a military discount. When we first came in we were already sore from a morning of paddle boarding and we felt so good after our session we joined right then and have been going weekly ever since. After only a couple visits, I had a deep tissue massage and my regular therapist asked me what I had done differently because there was so much less inflammation in my neck and shoulders. This stuff works!!! I do not like cold and I really had to psyche myself up for Cryo at first but now I look forward to it because I know how good I’m going to feel after. The benefits are so worth the temporary discomfort. The website has info on the therapies and what to expect. The owner, Amy, is awesome and very knowledgeable and the staff are all super friendly and helpful as well. I can’t say enough good things about this place… try it and see for yourself!

Megan Meissner
September 23, 2022

Amazing experience. My daughter broke & sprained her ankle and she did the full body cryo followed by compression and she loved it. She can’t wait to go back. And everyone there was so friendly and helpful!

September 8, 2022

Full treatment healed my tendonitis in one day and great for muscle recovery

Christopher Ferrer
September 8, 2022

My 2nd home

Walter Moss
August 7, 2022

Our family is a week into COVID and my wife felt really sick for a few days but bc of my Cryo-healthy immune system I never got sick feeling and all I took were some vitamins. I had a couple of positive tests, but just kinda congested with a mild sore throat. That’s proof enough to me that all the red light and compression and Cryo therapies all work. So even though I’m not there I’m getting the benefits of regularly going in the past.

Avis Ratliff
July 7, 2022

I have a place in my hometown I visit weekly, but wanted to do some therapy while I was in the area on vacation. CRYO850 was amazing, especially Noah! He walked me through all the services and was extremely welcoming! This place has everything you need!! Highly recommend!!!

Lisa Wright
May 2, 2022

On my personal journey to become healthier ! CRYO850 is a large part of my physical and mental improvement! Had the pleasure of my CRYO T shock treatment with Emily today. She is very professional and conscientious about her work ~ Already seeing results! Thank you Emily! Thank you CRYO850.

Edlaine Heidman
May 2, 2022

I have SO many great things to say about CRYO850. First of all, Amy is fantastic, so knowledgeable and so good at sharing everything about all the services and treatments they offer. My favourite therapies were Cryo and infrared sauna and I cannot wait to go back for more and try other services. Liz is also wonderful and took such a great care of us. I moved to Destin/FWB from Ontario Canada almost a year ago and I encourage everyone who visits this area to go and check out Cryo850

Dax Powell
April 21, 2022

First class operation! Amy is very knowledgeable and the rest of the staff is so friendly. There isn't many places when you walk in and they greet you by name and genuinely ask how are you. My arthritis already feels better by going multiple times a week. Keep up the great work CRYO850!!!

Daria Maccluskey
March 21, 2022

No disinfection of glasses you put on your face, or towel you put your face on, or table where you’ll lay for the cryo treatment. Seemed to be understaffed cuz there was one employee

Where do I start Amy and her team are the BEST!! Dani is one most positive and motivating individuals I've meet! The facility is totally first class, well staffed with a knowledgeable team and exceptionally clean!! You owe to yourself to call them.

Michael Helton II
December 24, 2021

I've been doing beach service for 10 years & the services offered here have allowed me to maintain peek performance and MAKE MORE MONEY!! My legs feel recovered, and my body feels rested thanks to the cryo chamber + normatec. The Vibration plates help eliminate any back pain from carrying chairs & I can really feel well rested throughout the season, which allows me to be in a better mindset to deal with customers and employees, thus resulting in more income!! Do yourself a favor and get a membership!!!

Daniel Jones
November 14, 2021

Great cryo spot! The owner Amy is awesome, super friendly and helpful. They have lots of other recovery/bio hacking services like red light, normatec, infrared sauna, etc… definitely worth stopping in if your visiting the Destin area and are looking for a freeze or just live in the area.

R Rogers
November 7, 2021
Garrett Meek
October 16, 2021

This place was legit. Very relaxing and the staff were so nice and helpful. my wife and I did the whole circuit and loved it all. Thank you!

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