4 Anti-Aging Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has a number of uses. It is most widely known for injury recovery and reducing inflammation for pain management. It is also beneficial to boost your mood by producing endorphins. But cryotherapy can also help reduce signs of aging and help your skin look fresh and young. There are a number of anti-aging benefits […]

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Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Cryotherapy Session

You’ve heard all about cryotherapy from your friends and social media posts from celebrity athletes, or even read stories about benefits online. Now you’re curious to learn more and maybe even try it out for yourself; however, you probably have questions first. And even if you don’t and you are ready to go, there are […]

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Can Cryotherapy Truly Help You Sleep?

There are a number of benefits to cryotherapy and some of them are still being discovered. A few minutes in a cryochamber can help to reduce chronic pain condition or pain from an injury. The cold exposure therapy can help to reduce stress, relax your body, and even help you feel more motivated and focused […]

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3 Therapeutic Treatments to Reduce Stress

Stress can affect every part of your life. It effects your emotional and mental well-being and can physically exhaust you. Stress can exacerbate pain, make it difficult to focus, and difficult to relax and sleep at night. CRYO850, we offer a variety of therapeutic treatments to help reduce and manage stress. From red light therapy […]

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Pain Management: Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Different people respond to different pain management treatments, which is why CRYO850 offers more than just cryotherapy and massage. One treatment offered is whole body red light therapy. This treatment offers a combination of both red and nearly infrared light that penetrates the tissues offering all of the benefits of natural sunlight — without the […]

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How Cryotherapy Can Help Your Performance Recovery

For active people such as athletes and dancers, an injury can mean more than just pain. It can also hold you back from the activity you love. Injury recovery takes time and adds time to the process of building up muscle and performance fitness. Fortunately, cryotherapy can help. Cryotherapy involves short sessions inside a colCryotherapy […]

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Pain Management for Athletes

Pain can put your life on pause, or at least significantly slow you down, which is a problem for athletes who are often in constant motion. Many athletes feel that they don’t have time for pain, but injuries can happen in high activity situations, and chronic pain conditions can happen to anyone. As an athlete, […]

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How Exercise Can Help Pain Management

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is to move around- especially for a workout. However, movement is likely the exact thing you need. Staying sedentary results in stiffer joints and limbs, thus increasing pain and making it more difficult to recover. It can be a vicious cycle. Gentle exercise like […]

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How Cryotherapy Can Help You Manage Arthritis

It can be hard to explain to someone on the outside, but when you suffer from osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, it’s more than just aches and inflammation. It impacts your quality of life most days. You’re not able to be as active as you might like to be, and it can even have a severe […]

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The Health Benefits of Cryotherapy Amid COVID-19

In the past month, everyone’s life has been impacted in some way by COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus. It may be that you’ve had to adjust to working from home, or that you’re a business owner experiencing a loss of income. You may know someone who’s sick, or you may be worried about […]

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