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What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a treatment exposing the body to a short duration of sub-zero temperatures (typically 2-3 minutes) to reduce pain caused by inflammation and enhance athletic performance and recovery.

How is your Cold Air Cryo Chamber different from a traditional cryosauna?

Traditional cryo saunas are chilled by connecting a tank full of liquid nitrogen to the cryosauna. The liquid nitrogen is warmed from a liquid state to a gaseous state in order to cool the inside of the sauna. Due to the risk of asphyxiation, traditional cryo saunas do not expose the customer’s head to the nitrogen fueled cold air. The Cryo 850 Cold Air Cryo Chamber by °CryoBuilt is chilled using only advanced refrigerated cold air technology to provide a safe and nitrogen-free cold exposure treatment to the entire body offering both physical and mental benefits.

What is the history of whole-body cryotherapy?

Environmental exposure has been around for centuries. Ice baths have long been known to help manage pain and relax overworked muscles. Cryotherapy as a specialized environmental modality for cold exposure was originally invented in 1978 as a treatment to manage Rheumatoid Arthritis. Used widely throughout Europe, claims began surfacing regarding the benefits in managing other autoimmune diseases and reductions of inflammation to relieve pain. Athletes later found cryotherapy aids in expediting the recovery process and enhances overall performance. Over the past decade, cryotherapy has been used by the general population and professional, collegiate and even high school athletic facilities have come to rely on whole body cryotherapy for their athletes.

How does the cold temperature trigger health benefits?

Cold exposure stimulates temperature receptors in the brain sending messages throughout the body to pump blood to the core where it becomes oxygenated and nutrient-rich. Upon completion of a short exposure to cold, the body warms to a natural state. Fresh oxygenated blood returns to the muscles and extremities carrying with its high-quality oxygen and nutrients. This process reduces inflammation and increases muscular recovery and ability. Our Cold Air Cryo Chamber also exposes the head to the cold exposure experience. The release of endorphins allows for a number of benefits to mental health including better mental clarity and focus and management of sleep deprivation, depression, and PTSD symptoms.

How often should I use whole body cryotherapy?

For Performance and Recovery optimal results, we recommend 2 to 3 times per week.

For Health and Maintenance, endorphin boosts and mental reset, we suggest a weekly visit.

Daily visits are often required or desired by competitive athletes, rehabilitative situations and chronic severe management.

Is there recovery or down-time after treatment?

No. You may return to your normal schedule immediately after treatment.

Is a whole-body cryotherapy treatment uncomfortable?

Your time in the nitrogen-free Cold Air Cryo Chamber is a short duration of three minutes or under. Typically, first-time users will cut their treatment short as their body adjusts to the cold. There is no moisture, so the cold temperature is very tolerable. After one or two treatments, the body adjusts to the colder temperatures and full three-minute sessions are resumed.

Will there be a problem if I get nervous in small spaces?

No. Our Cold Air Cryo Chamber has a glass door and is large enough for two people; therefore, there is more than enough room for the comfort of one person. You are not confined and can move around as you like and can stop the treatment at any time.

Should I shower before or after a whole-body cryotherapy session?

Our treatment is completely dry. A shower is not required before or after treatment. It is important to ensure you do not have moisture on your skin to enter the Cold Air Cryo Chamber.

Is there anyone who should NOT use whole body cryotherapy?

As with all types of treatments, there are contraindications to whole body cryotherapy. Pregnant women, people who suffer from severe hypertension with BP greater than 180/100, recent myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, venous thrombosis, recent cerebrovascular incidence, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, fever, tumor disease, symptomatic lung tract disease are not recommended to use cryotherapy. We ask our clients who have recent (6 months or less) history of episodes regarding cardiac disease to bring in a statement from his/her physician clearing them to try whole body cryotherapy.

Are there age restrictions?

There are no weight limit restrictions at our facility. Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle. We offer both services and coaching instruction to anyone pursuing health and recovery benefits.

Our Cold Air Cryo Chamber is nitrogen-free eliminating the typical risks of a traditional cryosauna. The cold exposure treatment triggers normal body responses to cold and cannot harm children. It is well tolerated and has minimal risks. We do, however, require parental consent be given for children under 18 who wish to try the treatment.

Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment for the wellness/recovery services; however, you do need an appointment for our Aesthetic Services and Pagani Muscle Recovery

What services are offered with the Day Pass?

The Day Pass provides access to the same six services of the CRYO850 Wellness Circuit enjoyed by members: (1) Infrared Sauna, (2) Red Light Therapy, (3) Whole Body Cryotherapy, (4) Localized Cryotherapy, (5) Vibration Plates, and (6) Compression Therapy.

How much time does a Day Pass take?

The complete Wellness Circuit takes between 60-75 minutes. Completing our Self Registration online prior to arrival is suggested.

Can I do individual services instead of a Day Pass?

Yes. All of our wellness/recovery services and aesthetic services are available a la carte, in discounted packages and as a part of membership.

How often can I come for services?

Some customers visit us daily. Most visit 2-3 times a week. Some pop in weekly.

What do I wear?

Gym shorts and a sports bra and/or tank are recommended. We do allow bathing suits in the cryotherapy chamber and the infrared sauna; however, we ask that customers are covered when using other services.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer 10% to active and retired military and 30% to full time students 25 and under. Spouses of members receive a 20% discount on all wellness/recovery services.

Can I come straight from the gym or beach?

Straight from the gym is fine; however, you do not want to have sweaty clothing for the cryo chamber. We do ask that you not come straight from the beach as not to track sand throughout the center.

What does Electric Cryotherapy mean?

Traditional whole body cryotherapy is called a Cryo Sauna which uses liquid nitrogen for cooling. Electric technology uses dry, cool air to cool the chamber which means uniform cooling and no nitrogen splashes.

Are there age restrictions?

We do not have age restrictions on any services except the whole body cryotherapy chamber. We typically like to restrict to age 14 for cryo; however, we will make exceptions with parental consent.

Is there anyone who should NOT use your services?

Pregnant customers should avoid the extreme temperatures of infrared sauna and whole body cryotherapy. Customers with extreme heart or liver conditions, history of stroke or any electrical implanted devices should avoid whole body cryotherapy. Customers prone to seizures should only use the NIR light therapy and avoid the red bulbs. CRYO850 is not a medical facility and does not employ medical professionals. If you have any questionable condition for any service, our staff will likely advise a discussion with your physician prior to doing services.
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