Private Spa Sauna

New studies show you can get a deeper detox if you start your sauna session at a temperature closer to your own body temperature and allow your body temperature to raise along with the sauna temperature. This new private room allows clients the extra time for the deeper detox session and the privacy for less clothing. Spa wraps, robes, towels, and body wipes are provided. Please note we do not have a shower on the premises.mAppointments are scheduled for up to one hour.

Cocoon Sauna Pod

The egg-shaped Cocoon combines four therapies in one for an optimal healing environment from the neck down: Infrared Heat, Vibration Massage, Red Light Therapy and Halotherapy with Pink Himalayan Salt. Adjustable heat and vibration settings allow for an individual experience based on your goals. For muscle relief and relaxation, vibration settings can be adjusted to emphasize upper back or lower leg or provide an even harmony of massage. The full body vibration enhances lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. For additional water weight loss, we recommend our heat activated SlimeLine® Cream and SlimeLine® Serum. This 30 minute session is a favorite so make sure to reserve your time!

Pagani Muscle Recovery

This contrast therapy treatment applies alternating applications of heat and cold directly to the skin to increase blood flow to damaged muscle tissue. Similar to the application of ice packs and heating pads, Pagani Muscle Recovery utilizes the benefits of vasoconstriction and vasodilation to stimulate muscles to elicit metabolic activity and circulatory adjustments. The contrasting temperatures create a gentle tissue workout causing stimulation without stress. ​​Pagani Muscle Recovery is often used for chronic muscle pain and repetitive strain injuries when tissue stimulation without stress has proven most valuable.