4 Benefits of A Nitrogen-Free Cryo Chamber

Have you ever put ice on a sore joint or an inflamed injury to relieve some of the pain? It’s a well-known fact that cooling your body can help you recover from an injury as well as help those with chronic pain feel more clear and refreshed. Cryotherapy was first used on this principle. It’s the idea of giving your full body therapeutic cold exposure by surrounding you in dry air for a short duration (2-3 minutes). The drastic drop in the body’s surface temperature creates a reaction of moving blood to the core to protect your internal organs. After the cold exposure, as your body warms, blood moves back to the extremities flushing your body with fresh, re-oxygenated blood full of enzymes and nutrients. It’s like a detox for the body flushing out inflammation of the joints and muscles.

Traditional cryotherapy uses nitrogen which requires your head to be removed from the cold exposure preventing a true whole-body experience. New technology, however, has removed the dangerous nitrogen experience and provides a safe and alternative method for head-to-toe cooling and a true whole body cryotherapy experience. The nitrogen-free cryo chamber powered by CryoBuit has revolutionized the way we cryo. Here are a few of the benefits:

Even Cooling

Cryotherapy is a true whole-body experience providing complete and even head-to-toe cooling. The all electric cryo chamber circulates cool, dry air to ensure the drastic change in the surface temperature feels more smooth and natural. The C1 Chamber fits up to three grown adults allowing for a shared experience to distract from the cold.

Psychological Reset

Life can be hectic and stress and tension build up. You may not even realize how stressed you are until it’s overwhelming. Fortunately, your trip to a cryo chamber can help. Since your head is included in the nitrogen-free cryo chamber treatment, you not only receive the physical benefits, but also reoxygenation of the brain. Cryotherapy has been shown to reduce cortisol, which causes stress, and help you sleep better so you have more energy. And of course, when you’re in less pain, everything feels a little more manageable.

No Risk of Nitrogen Burn

Traditional nitrogen fueled cryosaunas do provide health benefits, but they do come with risks. Including liquid nitrogen burns, blisters, swelling, crusted or scabbed skin. These effects will fade in time and don’t usually cause serious damage, but most clients prefer to avoid them altogether when possible with a safe electric cryotherapy chamber that doesn’t use liquid nitrogen.

More Room

Cryotherapy treatments in traditional cryosaunas are small tight spaces which treat your body from the neck down and leave little elbow room. Electric Cryo chambers are much more spacious, closer to the size of a walk-in freezer. Electric cryo chambers are more comfortable than a tightly enclosed cryosauna and allow you to share your experience with friends or family or even make new friends!

These are just a few benefits to be found from a nitrogen-free cryo chamber. Want to learn more? We have this new advanced, electric technology of a nitrogen-free chamber here on the Emerald Coast: The Emerald Coast Igloo at CRYO850. Stop by for a tour to learn more about safe, cryotherapy and the CRYO850 line up of health and wellness services or Contact us today for more information.

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