Why You Might Be Putting Off Pain Relief

When we’re in pain, our instinct is to make it better, but that might not always be immediately possible. And when there are obstacles in the way, it might mean that people suffering from pain don’t have the energy to investigate further. After all, sometimes it takes up all your energy just to be awake and present when you’re in pain. Still, it can be surprising how long people attempt to “grin and bear it” through their pain rather than accepting the pain relief that could help them. You might be surprised to find that even you have done this. So what are some reasons people have for putting off pain relief?

Fear of Opioid Addiction

When you think of pain relief, you might think of popping pain pills, which is something that puts many people off. Some don’t want to become dependent on pills and some even fear the adverse effects of opioid addiction. Fortunately, opioids are not the only pain relief options available. Holistic options such as cryotherapy, a massage, and even yoga might be just as effective as opioid drugs, without the fear that they may become addictive.

Treatments Haven’t Worked in the Past

Maybe you’re someone for whom NSAIDs have not worked in the past, and it’s left you frustrated and disillusioned with the idea of seeking out pain relief. Here again, it comes down to options. There’s no one pain relief option that would work for absolutely everyone every time. That’s why it helps to have a professional at your side who specializes in pain relief, with many therapeutic treatments so that you can find what works for you. At CRYO850, you can contact us before setting up any appointment and see what we recommend.

Put Off By the Cost

Money is one of the biggest obstacles in most things, and pain relief is certainly one of those things. When you think of the cost of a trip to the doctor’s office or the hospital, you might be put off by the thought of paying for pain relief therapies. You might think it’s better to just power through it. But “powering through” your pain can cause your motivation and productivity to tank, which could endanger your livelihood depending on what it is. At CRYO850, we offer a variety of pricing options including memberships that offer discounts in exchange for loyalty.

Don’t put off pain relief if you can help it. CRYO850 has you covered with a variety of pain relief treatments, including whole body or localized cryotherapy, red light therapy, compression therapy, an infrared sauna, and more. We have a variety of pricing options and expertise to help you find the right pain management treatment for you. Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact CRYO850 today for more information or to get started.

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