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What to Expect

We look forward to seeing you!

When you make the trip to CRYO850, we hope you'll carve out some time to relax and enjoy a little self care.

  1. Upon arrival, we'll have you complete a quick medical waiver just to make sure you don't have any contraindications. We want you safe!
  2. If you plan to experience our whole body cryotherapy chamber, please bring proper clothing. We suggest gym shorts and a sports bra for women. You are always welcome to add a tank top, shirt or even leggings if needed, but remember you want as much skin exposure as possible. Since we live at the beach, we often see people wear their bathing suits just please no sand! We also have robes for additional privacy. We will provide personal protection for your ears, hands and feet and a face mask for the cold, dry air. 
  3. Cryo takes only 3 minutes, so we hope you'll grab a day pass and/or try additional services! Red Light Therapy is a 10 minute session, NormaTec compression is 20, and the Infrared Sauna is sold in blocks of 28 minutes. Adding the 3D Body Scanner only takes about 3 minutes if you have downloaded and signed into the on line app. 
  4. If you have an interest in a Pagani Facial, Body Contouring or Recovery Therapy, please make sure to make an appointment as these require additional Cryo Technicians. 
  5. Any questions, call or email or send us a DM on social media! 
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