Feel Refreshed and Relaxed at Our Wellness Center

All too often, we carry stress from day to day until we no longer even register that we are stressed. Even when you don’t recognize that you are stressed, your body feels it. Stress overload can have a negative impact on your health. If you are living with an injury or chronic pain, added stress only makes matters worse. The new wellness center in Destin, CRYO850, is here to help. We offer a variety of methods to help you relax and face the day refreshed. Let stress roll off your shoulders and lessen the hold that pain can have on you. Here are a few ways we can help.

Bodywork and Massage

We often allow stress and exhaustion to build up over time. This stress overload causes muscles to become tense creating soreness and pain. One of the best method of addressing sore muscles is the application of pressure. At CRYO850, our professional licensed Massage Therapists are trained to identify the sources of pain and relax sore muscles with relaxation, sports or medical massage. Massage has also been shown to strengthen the body’s immune system and lower blood pressure.

Red Light Therapy

We all know about the soothing and healing benefits of natural light. Red Light Therapy is an extension of that concept. The study of how light affects the body is called Photobiomodulation. What makes the color red so special is that it can actually penetrate the tissue and heal the body from the cellular level. Red lights heal the skin at the topical level while near infrared lights trigger the body to produce ATP energy and assist with overall brain health. Red Light Therapy helps cell regeneration, boosts melatonin, and can even reduce joint pain and inflammation. It also aids in muscle recovery and healing wounds from an injury. The result of regular exposure is better skin, increased energy, and a better mental state. For men, the added bonus is naturally enhanced testosterone by as much as 33%.

Professional Coaching

Sometimes you need extra guidance to reach your health, wellness or fitness goals. That’s why CRYO850 offers professional coaching in a variety of niches. At CRYO850, we offer a number of additional expert resources to help you focus on your personal health, wellness and/or fitness goals. Our community consists of experts in the fields of nutrition counseling, personal training, sound healing, myofascial release, therapeutic stretching, and stress management.

To learn more about what you can find at our wellness center, check out our health and wellness pillar.  Stop by our center at City Market Bayside in Destin or Contact CRYO 850 today to learn more about professional coaching.