4 Reasons You Might Need a more than a Traditional Health Spa

Traditional health spas are great for relaxation and general health and wellness, but If you’re living with chronic pain, chronic stress, or recovering from an injury, you may need more than a traditional health spa. Many of today’s advanced Wellness Centers provide so much more than general relaxation. From cellular rejuvenation to reoxygenation, places like CRYO850 take wellness and pain management to a whole new level. Here are four reasons clients come to CRYO850….

Stress Build Up

If you don’t have a way to relieve stress or at least manage it, stress can build up and begin to affect the way you feel mentally and physically. Stress can gather in your chest putting pressure on your heart and can manifest in your muscles causing you to constantly feel sore and tired. If you allow stress to build, sometimes even the smallest upsets feel monumental. Health spas offer a line-up of traditional services to help you relax. At CRYO850, we go beyond the massage with new advanced technology to address stress. Red Light Therapy helps boost serotonin, the happy hormone, and Whole Body Cryotherapy releases norepinephrine to boost your mood. You’ll leave refreshed and energize with a mood reset you can face the day without feeling weighed down.

Recovering from an Injury

Recovery from injury can be a slow, painful process. Athletes often have to recovery from sport related injury. But you don’t have to be an athlete to find yourself in a state of recovery. Maybe you suffered a painful fall or were recently in a car accident? While a traditional health spa may give you time to relax, it’s likely your body needs more to manage the pain and speed up recovery time. Personal trainers and physical therapist often enter your world. At CRYO850, our services serve as an adjunct to these services. Whole Body Cryotherapy and Red Light Therapy work together to reduce the inflammation created by the injury. Localized Cryotherapy and Pagani Therapy both use extreme temperature applications to focus on the area of injury to expedite the healing process.

Living with Chronic Pain

Sometimes pain isn’t situational. If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any other number of chronic pain conditions, pain is a constant part of your life. In these cases, the focus isn’t on a full recovery rather just finding a way to manage the pain. At CRYO850, we can devise a pain management strategy to help manage pain and help you get through your day without it being ruled by your pain levels. Red Light Therapy taps into the cellular level to increase mitochondria and release ATP energy to combat pain. Whole Body Cryotherapy helps numb the nerve endings to combat pain and flushes your body with endorphins and adrenaline to help reduce inflammation and manage the pain.

Need Professional Support

Sometimes life can seem too overwhelming to handle on your own. A traditional health spa will offer a variety of services for short term healing but sometimes you need more. At CRYO850, we offer a number of additional expert resources to help you focus on your personal health, wellness and/or fitness goals. Our community consists of experts in the fields of nutrition counseling, personal training, sound healing, myofascial release, therapeutic stretching, and stress management.

The reasons for going to any health spa vary from person to person. Check in with your body as well as your mind. If you need more than a traditional health spa, consider CRYO850. Stop by our store at City Market Bayside in Destin, OR Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.