How Cryotherapy Can Help Your Performance Recovery

For active people such as athletes and dancers, an injury can mean more than just pain. It can also hold you back from the activity you love. Injury recovery takes time and adds time to the process of building up muscle and performance fitness. Fortunately, cryotherapy can help. Cryotherapy involves short sessions inside a colCryotherapy d chamber to cool your body and address areas of pain and inflammation. Here are a few ways cryotherapy can help your performance and recovery.

Shortened Downtime

Cryotherapy shortens the time you taken away from the sport or activity you love. Athletes know periods of inactivity can affect their recovery progress and their overall performance. Short whole body cryotherapy sessions can help accelerate the recovery period which means less time away from training.

Muscle Repair

One key element of performance is the recovery of your muscles. With injury, muscles can tear or become inflamed. During the period of inactivity that follows an injury, you can lose muscle mass. Healthy blood flow provides the right nutrients to your muscles for repair. The short bursts of cold temperatures during whole body cryotherapy sessions boosts circulation and helps with post injury muscle repair.

Boosted Endurance

Cryotherapy not only assists with injury recovery. It also helps you to withstand more and prevent future injuries. Because cryotherapy helps to optimize blood circulation, the process helps provide your body with the nutrients needed for endurance. Long distance marathon runners and endurance athletes often incorporate whole body cryotherapy into their training regimen to withstand longer periods of activity to finish the race.

Increased Energy

Think about showers. When you want to relax after a hard day, we often take a long, warm shower. On the other hand, cold water provides energy and springs the body into action. If you need to wake up quickly to face the day, a cold shower is the answer. Cryotherapy has a similar effect. The cold serves as a jumpstart to your blood flow and your body as a whole. Cryotherapy helps to boost your energy to provide the motivation to increase performance and get back in he game.

Need help recovering from a sports or dancing injury? Cryotherapy is an effective and efficient way to boost your performance recovery. Whether you’re missing regular trips to the gym or the stage at the ballet, cryotherapy can help get you there faster. Contact CRYO850 today to learn more about whole body cryotherapy and the myriad of additional performance and recovery services we offer.