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Wireless EMS Training

Next Generation EMS Training

Electric Muscle Stimulation Training (EMS) is a concept used by European athletes for decades and now gaining popularity in the US. The method uses electricity to contract muscles allowing for muscle stimulation without heavy weight on the joints.  Low and Mid frequencies penetrate the muscle up to 30% deeper than traditional weight training providing athletes with a competitive edge. The dry suit contains 20 separate silicone stimulation pads spread covering 10 muscle groups. Each is adjustable to suit individual tolerance allowing for training of all ages and levels of fitness. By contracting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, a 20 minute workout provides the same benefit as hours in the gym. While original EMS technology required a wet suit and a wired connection, Vision Body's next generation technology is a dry suit and wire free allowing for more freedom of movement. Programs currently offered are Strength Training, Fat Burning, and Yoga Flow for Core Training.
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