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WILD ICE Cold-Kept Skin Care

Chilled to keep natural ingredients fresh....

Beat the heat with this Eastern European influenced skin care line chilled right up until the moment of sale. The cold preservation keeps anti-oxidants from oxidizing, new compounds from forming into sensitizers, and delicate ingredients such as peptides and ceramides from breaking down. Fresh produce is healthy produce. The same holds true for skincare.

We are so proud for the opportunity to work with WILD ICE and distribute this amazing skin care line. WILD ICE Founder, Mila grew up under communism where skincare was a luxury and the specialty product meant crafting garden fruits and vegetables based on generations-old folk recipes. As a result, Mila grew up with an appreciation for what has her three guiding principles: Natural ingredients, Affordability and Efficacy

Unable to find a line that satisfied all three, Mila began crafting the products from scratch. In 2018, she began refrigerating her ingredients under the science of cold preservation for healthy ingredients. Her custom glass and wood bottles show the same passion for the planet as her organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Mila and her team create small batches and securely ship their products without unsustainable shredded paper, bubble wrap, or styrofoam peanuts. You can also find her team selling our skincare in person at open-air markets along the Emerald Coast.

CRYO850 not only sells these fresh products, but we also use the WILD ICE skin care in all of our facial services having commissioned Mila and her team to develop some additional products exclusively for our store including Liquid Collagen for our Collagen Enhancement Treatments. Stop by to see the full line or visit and use referral code CRYO850 to discount your first order!


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