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Infrared Sauna

Infrared light for full body detoxification

Our Sunlighten® Far Infrared Sauna flushes toxins to keep your immune system in tact. While traditional hot saunas use convectional heat to warm surrounding air, our sauna harnesses the science of natural light. The light penetrates the tissue to the mitochondrial level and and turns inflammatory cells to bring toxins like lead and mercury to the surface in order to detox from the inside out. Sunlighten® is the only brand proven to raise core body temperature the necessary three degrees for full detoxing. The sauna is a comfortable fit for two adults. When using the sauna as a part of our wellness circuit, clients typically start in the sauna to open pores prior to a whole body cryotherapy session, OR save the sauna for after the cold to warm up prior to vibration. Either way, the 140 degree sauna combined with -140 degree of the Igloo makes for the ultimate contrast therapy experience!

How long is the session? Based on the science, it takes under 20 minutes to raise your core body temperature the necessary 3º for full detox. We don't time the sessions, rather ask you to listen to your body and exit at the first drop of sweat. Most clients say it takes 10-15 minutes to get there. For extended sauna sessions 30 minutes or more, we suggest Foundations Medical Center in Destin.

What happens in the session?  We ask that you leave shoes or slippers outside of the sauna to let others know it is occupied. We offer clean towels to lay on the bench for your sanitation. Privacy curtains have also been added and the sauna has separate music with Bluetooth if you prefer. We do ask that you not talk on your cell phone while in the sauna as the noise resonates throughout the center.

Does it hurt? No. While the Sunlighten® Sauna does use far infrared light for detoxing, there is also a heating element ranging from 120ºF-140ºF. We do offer water in the center. If you get too warm or feel faint, we ask that you exit for your own  health and safety.

What do I do after the treatment? Use the towel you were siting on to blot any sweat beads and replace a fresh towel for the next client. Most of our members and pass holders are on a circuit which includes the sauna, so there is often someone waiting. For muscle relief, we suggest a session on the vibration plates while your body is warm. To enjoy the full benefits of contrast therapy, try a whole body cryotherapy session before or after your sauna session.

How often do I need to come for multiple treatments?: For regular maintenance of your immune system, we suggest a sauna detox at least once per week. Many of our circuit members add the sauna to their regular routine one, two or three times a week.

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