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Pure O2 Oxygen Facial

Touch free facial. Exfoliation and hydrating deep pore cleanse

Give your skin cells a healthy boost with pure oxygen to detoxify the skin and restore skin frequency for cellular rejuvenation. Pure oxygen lessens the effects of sun damage and environmental irritants and can soften fine lines and wrinkles. Clean and healthy pores also keep your skin glowing and keep pores clear to reduce and even eliminate acne. Combining pure oxygen with the rare botanical extracts of WILD ICE Exfoliation and Hydration, our Pure 02 Facial penetrates the pores for a deep clean and a bright, healthy glow!

How long is the treatment? The Pure O2 Oxygen Facial is booked for 30 minutes.

What happens in the treatment? We ask that you come with a clean face but, if needed, we can clean your face with WILD ICE B-Meltee Cooling Cleanser. The O2 Facial starts with a light application of pure oxygen followed by an application of WILD ICE Liquid Exfoliator to deep clean the pores. Next we apply WILD ICE Hydrating Liquid to moisturize the skin then seal the pores with a concentrated application of pure oxygen. We finish off with a cool spritz of WILD ICE Gaea's Gala Complexion Balancing Toner and a light application of WILD ICE DBT Baby Yaga Siberian Cream Therapy.

Is this facial really touch free? The oxygen and WILD ICE products are applied with a spray wand leaving the entire facial touch free.

What do I do after the treatment? We suggest a light application of WILD ICE Cryo-C Vitamin C Facial Glow Serum and a 10 minute Red Light Therapy Session. Regular red light sessions and cold exposure via whole body cryotherapy or localized cryotherapy on the face will keep the skin tight. And, of course, we will always recommend our favorite WILD ICE products for use at home.


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