Professional Coaching

Our coaching staff is comprised of certified experts with specialized areas of focus for better performance and faster recovery.

Our coaching staff is comprised of certified experts with specialized areas of focus for better performance and faster recovery.  Initial consultations allow for discussion and direction to better understand the individualized goals of each customer. One-on-one coaching sessions can be purchased individually or in scheduled monthly or quarterly blocks.

Therapeutic Yoga

As our resident Therapeutic Yoga Coach, 30a favorite Jamie Parker brings new and innovative ways to use the art of yoga for a variety of health, wellness and fitness therapies. Using the four principals of yoga, Coach Jamie will be offering individualized programming catered to each individual client’s body type, skill level and physical condition. Private sessions allow for a focus on specific areas of need within the holistic approach of connecting the body, mind and lifestyle. Yoga is a form of mind-body fitness that involves a combination of muscular activity and an internally directed mindful focus on awareness of the self, breath and energy.

Stress Management

Our Stress Management Coach, Joel Mitchell, grew up in Portland, Oregon and moved to the Emerald Coast in 2011 where he now lives with his wife and three daughters. After a decade of experience and deep roots in Therapeutic Massage, he began to notice patterns in the way people carry stress in their bodies. This led to a deep study of the psychology of physical tension and a greater understanding of stress and its effects on the body. He found Eastern Theory methods of meditation and healing combined with Western Psychology produced the best results for managing stress. Today his approach to stress management is a balanced blend of both theories adapted to a busy lifestyle. The goal of Stress Management Coaching is to promote a life free of stress, worry, pain and dysfunction.

XPT Training

We are proud to announce the addition of the Emerald Coast Magazine 2018 Trainer of the Year, Sean Miller. Coach Sean brings over 18 years of experience in individual and team training. A graduate from Eckerd College where he served as captain of the men’s soccer team, Coach Sean was recruited by the professional soccer club, AC Perugia, in Perugia, Italy. He is an ultra-marathoner and an endurance athlete. In 2013, Coach Sean paddle boarded across the state of Alabama founding Stand Up for Our Rivers. Coach Sean is a Certified Personal Trainer, XPT Certified Coach, and provides athlete preparation for Olympic Development Programs. He will be offering one-on-one individual coaching.

More Services We Offer

Red Light Therapy
Light therapy harnesses the healing power of natural light and works at the cellular level.


Pagani® Italian Body Contouring
The Pagani® Body Contouring System is a non-invasive treatment of applying alternating heat and cryogenic temperatures directly to the skin.


NormaTec® Compression
NormaTec Sequential Pulse Compression is a low-stress, rapid recovery solution for leg, hip and shoulder recovery.


Bodywork & Massage Therapy
Massage is a profoundly effective therapy for short-term healing and long-term wellness.


Naked® 3D Body Composition Scanner
Ditch the scale and step in to the NAKED Room at CRYO850!


Nitrogen-Free Cryotherapy
Whole body cryotherapy accelerates the body’s natural recovery and rejuvenation processes.


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