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Collagen Enhancement Treatment

Experience the latest Italian advancement in skin care!

We've take skincare to a whole new level! Our all new Collagen Enhancement Treatment combines the Italian technology of the Pagani Cryo T-Shock with our latest discovery, WILD ICE cold-kept skin care, This Eastern European skin care line is all natural and made with lovely organic ingredients like blueberry and acai. It's delivered to our store cold to ensure anti-oxidant purity. Exclusive to CRYO850, WILD ICE Collagen Enhancement Treatments treat the face and neck to increase elasticity, boost collagen and tighten loose skin. Add the d├ęcolletage or arms for total elimination of "crepey" skin. We use a WILD ICE Liquid Collagen and pure oxygen to seal the pores. We recommend regular cold exposure and red light therapy sessions along with WILD ICE Cryo-C Serum to keep the skin tight and expedite collagen production.

How long is the treatment? Collagen Enhancement Treatments are 60 minutes.

What happens in the treatment? We ask that you come with a clean face, but if needed, we can clean the face with WILD ICE B-Meltee Cooling Cleanser. Next we apply a cool gel and a Technician uses a small, round metal applicator to administer hot and cold subzero temperatures to the face. Next, we drop the temperature and use a smaller Artic Wand to zone in on problem areas like crows feet, forehead and lip lines. We then address the neck to tighten the jaw line (the d├ęcolletage can be added as an upgrade). We follow the cold facial with an infusion of WILD ICE Liquid Collagen, then seal the pores with pure oxygen. Finish off with a cool spritz of WILD ICE Gaea's Gala Complexion Balancing Toner and a light application of WILD ICE DBT Baby Yaga Siberian Cream Therapy. Your skin will never feel so fresh!

Does it hurt? No, there may be an initial discomfort depending on your tolerance for cold. We use a small wand applicator ensuring controlled cooling and temperature adjustment for your comfort.

What do I do after the treatment? We suggest a light application of WILD ICE Cryo-C Vitamin C Facial Glow Serum and a 10 minute Red Light Therapy Session. Regular red light sessions and cold exposure via whole body cryotherapy or localized cryotherapy on the face will keep the skin tight. And, of course, we will always recommend our favorite WILD ICE products for use at home.


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