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Compression Therapy

Rapid recovery for legs, hips and shoulder recovery

*Decreases muscle fatigue and stiffness *Reduces pain, inflammation and swelling *Improves blood circulation and range of motion *Flushes lactic acid and toxin build up *Reduces water accumulation in legs and arms *Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins Sit back and relax! Normatec® patented Sequential Pulse Compression pumps pneumatic compressed air through a boot or sleeve combining three distinct massage compression patterns – pulsing, grading, and distal release. The process mimics the body's natural muscle pump to mobilize fluids and metabolites from limbs to create a steady circulation of fluids. Originally developed for circulatory and peripheral vascular disorders, compression has assists with poor circulation as a result of diabetes, varicose veins, Lymphedema, peripheral artery disease (DVT and pulmonary embolism and edema are contraindicated). When used before exercise, compression warms up the muscles. Used post-workout, compression eliminates lactic acid build up to rejuvenate muscle tissues and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness ,thus allowing the athlete to train harder and perform better. Clients also use the system on lower pressures to move the lymphatic system.

How long is the session? Sessions are 20 minutes for any one area to allow for maximum benefits to your lymphatic and circulatory systems. As long as no one is waiting for a chair, you are welcome to try multiple areas.

What happens in the session?  Pressure ranges from 1-7. For new clients, we like to set the pressure at a lower setting, allow the air to fill up and then allow for adjustments. When using the boots, we suggest 10 minutes on a lower setting (1-3) for lymphatic drainage followed by 10 minutes on a higher setting *(4-7) for circulation. Many of our clients go straight to the highest setting. For the arms, we suggest starting at Level 3. For the hips, we suggest starting at a Level 1.

Does it hurt? Not if you are injury free. With any injury history, we always like to start low and work up to ensure your comfort. For older clients, the lower settings tend to be more comfortable. For those dealing with brain injuries and/or dementia, we have found the slightest pressure of Level 1 provides a calming affect.

What do I do after the session? Most of our clients end their circuit with compression and a glass of water, coffee or tea!

How often do I need to come for multiple treatments?: Compression doesn't necessarily require multiple treatments unless you are dealing with lymphatic or circulatory issues. Otherwise, grab a session when you feel your body needs it!

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