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NakedĀ® 3D Body Composition Scanner

Track weight, BMI and 9 Key Measurements

#Three dimensional body scanner provides visual imaging and detailed body information for baseline measurements, goal setting and progress tracking.

Ditch the scale and get naked at CRYO850! The NAKED 3D Body Composition Scanner is uses digital technology to capture your body composition. You download the naked 3D app on to your iphone or android and create a personal profile. Once in the center, use wifi to connect the app to the scale which is connected to a full length mirror. Stand still on the scale and rotate 360 degrees. 3D depth sensors scans your body from head-to-toe and provides a digital image of your body including weight, lean and fat body mass (BMI percentage). You'll also see nine key measurements from shoulder to lower thigh. Data is saved in your personal profile in less than five minutes. Recurring visits allow you to visually track changes in your body over time. We recommend a scan every 4-6 weeks so you can you can set realistic visual and trackable goals.

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