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Detoxification / Fat Freezing

Tighten loose or “crepy” skin. Look great on the beach!

Reduce toxins, enhance muscle definition and get rid of stubborn, fatty areas. Many things contribute to the stubborn sub-surface layer of fatty tissue: years of processed foods, sugars, alcohol, even DNA and environmental exposure. Combined over time, it creates a hard candy shell of toxic brown fat that results in stubborn areas like fat pockets and love handles. We can help! We use Thermal Imaging technology to provide a visual image of the location and consolidation of fatty tissue in problem areas to create an individualized plan to meet your goals and to track progress. The non-invasive application of heat and sub zero temperatures "shock" and burst the toxic cells to break up the stubborn fat. The toxic cells exit the body naturally over the next few weeks through the lymphatic, circulatory, and urinary systems . The process and temperature can be adjusted for your comfort. We do not lift or suck the skin and there is no pinching, resulting bruising, or "shelfing." Most clients average 3-5 sessions for full elimination. Clients who do their part with diet, exercise, plenty of water and limited sugars and alcohol see expedited results. Best results are seen with those that take advantage of other center services. *Results may vary. Typical results will not include any weight loss, rather loss of inches and/or change in shape is to be expected along with tighter, smoother skin and a more youthful, healthy glow. Client diet and exercise regimen during the process also plays a part in final results.

How long is the session? Thermal Imaging appointments are booked for 30 minutes to allow time for imaging multiple areas and taking "before" photos to monitor progress. Detox/Fat Freezing sessions are 60 minutes. After your session, we offer use of Vibration Plates (10 min) and Compression Therapy (20 minutes) so add that half hour if you so choose. You may also want to try the Cocoon Fitness Pod (20 minutes) for more lymphatic drainage.

What happens in the session? A cool gel similar to a sonogram gel is applied to the treatment area and a Technician uses a small, round metal applicator to administer heat and subzero temperatures to cool the skin. This process creates cell apoptosis, a natural, controlled cell death, which causes the fluids that bind fat cells together to crystalize and destroy the fat cells and toxins. Inflammatory cells gradually digest affected fat cells in the weeks and months after the procedure. Lipids from fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system and eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes. The process helps to reduce the thickness of the brown fat layer, eliminate toxins and minimize stubborn fat pockets.

Does it hurt? No, there may be an initial discomfort depending on your tolerance for cold. We use a small wand applicator ensuring controlled cooling and temperature adjustment for your comfort. We do not lift or suck the skin. There is no pinching, bruising, or "shelfing."

What do I do after the session? The most important post-treatment protocol is to move the lymphatic system.  On the day of your treatment, we offer vibration and/or compression therapy services to assist with lymphatic drainage. We also suggest increased water intake and post-treatment exercise to avoid any cramping or nausea. Other helpful methods of lymphatic drainage include dry brushing, lymphatic massage, epsom salt baths, and the infrared sauna.

Discounted day passes are available to all Body Contouring Clients and we highly recommend use of the Cocoon Fitness Pod with SLIMLINE® slimming cream on the day of or day after your session as well as in-between sessions to expedite the lymphatic and circulatory systems for increased toxic elimination.

How often do I need to come for multiple treatments? National protocol requires a minimum of 14 days between sessions on the stomach due to the close proximity to internal organs. With older or less fit clients, we have found best results occur when treatments are scheduled out an extra week for a 21 day interval. For skin tightening and toning treatments, sessions can be scheduled weekly since we use a less extreme temperature for these settings. After a series of sessions and a confirmation via imaging that all fat has been removed, we suggest a touch up every six-nine months to prevent a new layer from forming.

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