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Full Body Cold Exposure Therapy

Cryotherapy is a three-minute therapeutic treatment of cold exposure to subzero cold, dry air designed to quickly drop body surface temperature, increase the metabolic rate and elicit vasoconstriction. Blood leaves the extremities and moves to the heart where it is re-oxygenated and filled with nutrients. We provide covering for your head, hands and feet. Upon completion of your session, vasodilation flushes the body delivering nutrients, flushing inflammation and releasing dopamine to the brain for a natural drug-free high. Since the Igloo chamber is a full body head-to-toe experience, an additional benefit is the re-oxygenation of the brain which produces Norepinephrine, a naturally produced substance shown to modulate the function of certain types of immune cells (e.g., T cells). Norepinephrine also acts to increase blood glucose levels and levels of circulating free fatty acids leading to calorie burn (400-800 calories per session). Esthetic benefits include increased collagen and elastin for tighter skin and wrinkle reduction. Clients also report stress reduction, elimination of migraines, hangovers and overall better sleep.

How long is the session? Temperatures in the chamber range from -120ºF to -152ºF. For first time clients with no experience with cold therapy, we suggest a 2:30 session to start. For your second session, we'll take you to 2:45. Most clients level out at 3:00 but we can go longer and add additional wind chill if you love the cold!

What happens in the session?  We provide coverings for your head, hands and feet as well as mask to buffer breathing in the cool air. You can pick any music you like to play in the chamber. Once inside, you will hear a countdown from 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds and 15 seconds. When the session is over, the lights will blink as a signal to exit. The chamber does not lock. You are always free to exit at any time.

Does it hurt? No. The cold can be uncomfortable for the first few minutes as your body adjusts but it's just cool, dry air. Most clients are more excited about the way they feel after to even notice the cold session.

What do I do after the session? If you have any specific areas of pain, we suggest Localized Cryotherapy spot treatment immediately following your whole body session. Hitting that area with high pressure cold while your capillaries are still in vasodilation will provide exponential healing. If you are looking to burn more calories, hit the Vibration Plates while your metabolism is in high gear. For muscle relief, try contrasting the cold with the Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy.

How often do I need to come for multiple treatments? Like most therapies whole body cryotherapy benefits have a compounded interest. The science says 10-20 visits for your body to fully absorb the effects. Our clients report as little as 1, 2 or 3 visits. With that science in mind, if  you are looking to address pain or inflammation, we suggest starting with a one, two week pass to get the compounded interest as quickly as possible. After that, you can decide which maintenance membership plan works best for your. If you are simply adding cryotherapy as a healthcare addition, we offer cryotherapy only memberships as well as full circuit memberships with visits ranging from unlimited to weekly.

Why do people Cryo?

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