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Wild Ice Cold Facials

Revive dormant collagen to reduce wrinkles and brighten skin

The Cryo T-Shock Express Facial is designed for a regular maintenance of cold exposure and for younger clients that don't need all of the extras of the Collagen Enhancement Treatments. We've taken the standard T-Shock Facial which consists of an application of heat, cold then heat to awaken dormant collagen and elastin to keep the skin tight and glowing. We also add our WILD ICE products to seal the deal and leave you feeling fresh! We suggest a series of either Express Facials or Collagen Enhancement Treatments scheduled 2x week to get your skin to it's best shape then maintenance monthly Cryo Express Facials to keep the skin tight and glowing!

We've taken the Cryo Facial to a whole new level!  The traditional Cryo Facial consists of an application of heat, cold then heat to awaken dormant collagen and elastin to keep the skin tight and glowing. We’ve partnered with award winning WILD ICE Botanicals to enhance the experience and allow for the addition of at-home self care to expedite results.  These cold-kept products are non-toxic with no added chemicals for preservation and are rich in nutrients to leave your skin feeling fresh! For those adverse to the cold, we offer the WILD ICE Signature Facial and Dermaplaning. 

WILD ICE Collagen Enhancement: Featuring 7 Winters peptide-rich collagen serum, this facial delivers collagen rejuvenation using cold therapy, fresh O2 for the face, neck, and target fine line areas around eyes and mouth. 60 min

WILD ICE Cryo Brighten:Brighten up and rejuvenate dull skin with dermaplane, our acid-rich Yuki-Onno face mask, lymphatic massage and cold applications. Enjoy your new radiant and youthful glow. 60 min

WILD ICE Cryo Calm:Harness the power of cold therapy to reduce inflammation and irritation under the skin combined with lymphatic massage to release toxins. 60 min

WILD ICE Cryo Detox: Purify your skin with a rich cleanse, dermaplane, extractions, lymphatic massage and cold therapy for inflammation. 60 min

WILD ICE Cryo Express: This express facial keeps collagen at the surface and enhances continued elastin production. The best way to stay fresh when you are short on time.30 min

WILD ICE Cryo Teen: Say goodbye to irritating acne and puffiness with a double cleanse, lightextractions, cold therapy and nutrient rich products to repair and heal sensitive skin. 45 min


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