Pain Management: Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Different people respond to different pain management treatments, which is why CRYO850 offers more than just cryotherapy and massage. One treatment offered is whole body red light therapy. This treatment offers a combination of both red and nearly infrared light that penetrates the tissues offering all of the benefits of natural sunlight — without the risk of harmful UV rays.

But just how effective is it when it comes to pain management? Scientific studies prove it’s very effective. Here are some of the ways red light therapy can help with your pain management.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the most important elements to pain management is proper blood flow. Good circulation helps to ensure your body gets the nutrients and oxygen it needs to recover and manage sites of pain. This is one way that red light therapy can help boost your pain management. Red light therapy helps to boost cell regeneration which, in turn, increase healthy blood flow and restores your body as a whole.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is the key source of chronic pain conditions. With chronic pain, activity results in inflammation which creates a bad flare up that can ruin your day. People who live with arthritis or fibromyalgia experience this as a constant part of life. By boosting blood circulation through your system and increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your body, red light therapy helps to reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

Faster Wound Healing

Since red light therapy creates cellular rejuvenation, it expedites the body’s natural healing process and allows your body a faster recovery from injury.  By stimulating blood circulation, your body receives the nutrients it needs to rest and recover. This is especially beneficial for people with active lifestyles such as athletes and dancers.

Improved Mood and Focus

If you live with pain, you know it often goes beyond just the physical. When you are struck with a bad flare, the pain can also impact your emotional state. It is hard to feel motivated to be productive or to do the activities you enjoy when you’re in pain. By helping to manage your pain, red light therapy also helps boost your emotional state. Cellular rejuvenation of the brain also improves mood, clears the mind and aids with focus. Red light therapy is currently being tested on Alzheimer’s patients as a means to stop and even reverse brain dysfunction associated with the disease.

CRYO850 is proud to offer safe, effective whole body red light therapy to our customers in need of better pain management. These are just some of the benefits. Others include clearer skin, skin damage recovery, increased testosterone in men, and restoration of ocular health against blue light. Contact us today to learn more or to sign up or come in the center to experience whole body red light therapy.