Everything You Need To Know To Start Cryotherapy

There is a notion of cryotherapy as a new procedure, especially as it becomes more popular in use by athletes and celebrities. The truth is that cryotherapy has been used in some form or another since Hippocrates used cold therapy in 400 BC. Still, today there is quite a bit of mysticism surrounding it in the public eye. People want to be certain they know what they’re getting into before they set up a cryotherapy appointment. Fortunately, we have you covered with this guide to everything you need to know before starting cryotherapy: the facts, the benefits, and more.

How It Works

Cold has been used to treat pain and inflammation for millennia, but the forms that has taken over the years has changed and varied. The current form of cryotherapy originated in Japan in the 1970s. It involves a 2-3 minute treatment in a whole body cryotherapy chamber. Patients step inside, wearing protective socks, gloves, and underwear, immersing their entire body except for their head. A burst of freezing temperatures causes your blood vessels to constrict, slowing the flow of blood to inflamed areas of pain and helping to return your blood flow to normal. It also increases the production of collagen, which keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is most commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation. Many of the other benefits are still being discovered, but the boosted production of collagen can help keep skin looking youthful and healthy. There have even been instances of cryotherapy being used in cancer treatments to freeze the cancerous cells. Cryotherapy can be energizing, helping to boost your motivation and focus, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. It boosts muscle recovery, and after just a short cryotherapy session, you’re able to go about your day as normal with no downtime needed.

Cryotherapy Tips

Not sure what to expect when you go in for your first cryotherapy appointment? You don’t have to be afraid of your first time in the cryotherapy chamber. Professionals take care to make sure that cryotherapy treatments are safe and effective. Here are a few tips for the big day:

  • Make sure you’re completely dry going in
  • Don’t be afraid to move around in the chamber — it’s safe and helps promote blood flow!
  • Talk to your doctor beforehand about any precautions
  • Disclose any conditions you’re hoping to treat with cryotherapy

Of course, it helps to have cryotherapy done by a trusted professional. In the 30A area, that trusted professional is CRYO 850. We offer several services to help promote pain relief and better wellness, including whole body cryotherapy. Our treatments are safe, as comfortable as possible, and so effective that you can go about your day as soon as they’re over. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment for yourself.

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