Pain Management for Athletes

Pain can put your life on pause, or at least significantly slow you down, which is a problem for athletes who are often in constant motion. Many athletes feel that they don’t have time for pain, but injuries can happen in high activity situations, and chronic pain conditions can happen to anyone. As an athlete, […]

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How Exercise Can Help Pain Management

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is to move around- especially for a workout. However, movement is likely the exact thing you need. Staying sedentary results in stiffer joints and limbs, thus increasing pain and making it more difficult to recover. It can be a vicious cycle. Gentle exercise like […]

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How Cryotherapy Can Help You Manage Arthritis

It can be hard to explain to someone on the outside, but when you suffer from osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, it’s more than just aches and inflammation. It impacts your quality of life most days. You’re not able to be as active as you might like to be, and it can even have a severe […]

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The Health Benefits of Cryotherapy Amid COVID-19

In the past month, everyone’s life has been impacted in some way by COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus. It may be that you’ve had to adjust to working from home, or that you’re a business owner experiencing a loss of income. You may know someone who’s sick, or you may be worried about […]

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What is Red Light Therapy and How Can It Help Me?

If you’ve ever sought treatment for a skin condition or skin damage, you may have come across the idea of red light therapy, whether from naysayers or people who have received red light therapy and speak highly of it. But what is red light therapy exactly? How can it help treat damaged skin, and are […]

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Emotional Benefits of a Massage

When you’ve had a stressful day or week, you can feel that stress making your muscles tense. It can weigh your body down physically as much as it weighs on your mind emotionally. That’s why many people turn to a massage for stress relief. By loosening your muscles and addressing the physical symptoms of stress, a massage […]

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Introducing the Cryo T-Shock by Pagani: The Italian Masterpiece for Body Slimming This Award-Winning, Fat Freezing, Face Lifting, Body Slimming, Italian Masterpiece, Cryo T-Shock, is a noninvasive treatment of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis - the breaking down of fat cells - to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. It consists of a special […]

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4 Reasons You Might Need a more than a Traditional Health Spa

Traditional health spas are great for relaxation and general health and wellness, but If you’re living with chronic pain, chronic stress, or recovering from an injury, you may need more than a traditional health spa. Many of today’s advanced Wellness Centers provide so much more than general relaxation. From cellular rejuvenation to reoxygenation, places like […]

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Feel Refreshed and Relaxed at Our Wellness Center

All too often, we carry stress from day to day until we no longer even register that we are stressed. Even when you don’t recognize that you are stressed, your body feels it. Stress overload can have a negative impact on your health. If you are living with an injury or chronic pain, added stress only […]

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4 Benefits of A Nitrogen-Free Cryo Chamber

Have you ever put ice on a sore joint or an inflamed injury to relieve some of the pain? It’s a well-known fact that cooling your body can help you recover from an injury as well as help those with chronic pain feel more clear and refreshed. Cryotherapy was first used on this principle. It’s […]

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