4 Recently Discovered Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is nothing new. It has been in existence since 2500 BC in places like Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and Greece. But it’s only recently, with the invention and use of whole body cryo chambers, that people have really begun to study the benefits. The pain relief is well known, but the longer we study cryotherapy, the more we begin to notice other benefits that weren’t as immediately obvious. And of course, we’re always learning more. Here are a few recently discovered benefits of cryotherapy:


Cryotherapy is primarily used to relieve pain and help to speed along the recovery of an injury. It’s for this reason that cryotherapy is so often used by athletes or by those recovering from surgery. But although you might hear less about the anti-aging benefits of cryotherapy, there is a scientific basis for them. Cryotherapy increases the production of collagen, which helps your skin to tighten and glow. Multiple cryotherapy sessions also work to cleanse the skin with natural nutrients and minerals, which helps it to look fresh and stay youthful for longer.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a condition that occurs when your skin cells become overstimulated due to an issue with the immune system. The result is scaly rashes that appear on the skin. Most psoriasis treatments seek to slow the growth process of the skin cells in order to alleviate the inflammation. That’s exactly what cryotherapy can do. Regular sessions allow your skin cells to “reset” as your body focuses on warming your head and feet. While there’s currently no cure for psoriasis, this is one way to make it more manageable.

Mental Health

A 2008 study showed that taking cold showers could relieve symptoms of depression and boost one’s mood. How much more 2 minutes in a whole body cryotherapy chamber? Exposure to cold for short bursts of time has been tested and proven to produce endorphins, boosting mood and energy. As the famous line from Legally Blonde goes, “Endorphins make you happy!”

Weight Management

If you’ve ever been interested in weight loss, you may have heard of the principle of brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is the “good fat,” which helps to burn excess fat or “white fat.” Although it’s not yet proven, studies have hinted that cold temperatures might help to produce brown fat, which can in turn help with your weight management. Whether that is the case or not, the energy boost gained from cryotherapy treatments often helps to keep patients motivated to stay on top of their weight.


Cryotherapy has been proven effective as a method for relieving pain and speeding along muscle and joint recovery. But the more we learn, the more we see there’s so much more that cryotherapy can do. Interested in the benefits of cryotherapy for you? Schedule an appointment in a whole body cryotherapy chamber to see for yourself or contact CRYO850 today for more information

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